Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Great New News

Sorry it has taken awhile for us here at HQ to post anything new, but we had a trip to Chicago and with classes thrown in as well HQ is kind of busy. Don't worry though we are working hard for you too as well. New things are being added to the video room on a weekly basis now. And now for the best news.....wait for it.....We have some great prizes for the MVP and MVGM awards. Through a donation from "ITDNA Solutions" we have GREAT wall hangings, a beautiful long dagger with skull pommell and a dagger set inlaid with jewels. We will be posting the pics of these on the blog shortly. Now for the rough end of the news, I still have no games other than what we are working on here at HQ and no one has sent any shirt money. I know we sent out a May 31 date but we were hoping that some of us didn't wait till the last minute. So don't forget that game submissions and shirt orders must be in by May 31 but HQ would appreciate it if we could maybe get to this a little sooner. Also on an up note, our HQ director met a new gamer yesterday and if his schedule is able to work out he could be a great fit to the con. His name is Justin and he also has been gaming since the mid 80's and for the skeptics out there he really does sound like he knows his stuff and he is currently even running a Shadowrun campaign. It sounds like we could have a great turn out this year and if we all pitch in and run at least one game I think we may be able to have three game tables up and running again this year.