Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ok folks, lets have us a look at the huge festivities on Saturday of LCON 6! Oh, well..............will you look at that we don't seem to have as many photos as we thought, but we do have a few.

These are the AWESOME shots of the Dungeon Crawl!!!!!!
And I don't just think it is awesome because our team WON!!!!
By 4 whole points!!!!!!!!

Lets look through a little 2nd edition shall we.


OH!!! Stand back the great thinkers need space!!!!!



Nathan's Super AWESOME COOL PURIFIER'S Game. And I'm not just saying that because I was NIMBEN!!! The best LCON character ever!!!!!


And of course I just love the banner.
More shots to come and of course the great reveal of MVP and MVGM!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

A week ago yesterday the rest of the crowd began to show up, for some the journey was easy, for others they had a little more to overcome. Flat tires aside though all showed and the gaming began. The gaming even began a little earlier this year with an open game of Savage Worlds being ran on Friday afternoon. And then the BIGGIE got ran that evening. An event for the LCON history books, a game for all attendees at once! That's right LARRYCON staff GM Larry Fedorchalk ran It Came From the Late, Late, Late Show for 12 people. When interviewed he took his thumb out of his mouth long enough to shout AAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!! Somehow I don't think that HQ plans on doing such an event again. After the gaming ran down for the night people began to lounge, visit and take in a movie at the theatre lounge. More updates to come later. Have a peek at the Friday events below.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Sadly, Larrycon is over for the year, but I believe this very well may have been the best one yet!!!!!! We missed a lot of prime gamers that just couldn't be here this year. We were graced with a lot of brand new faces to the CON and one was even that used to be at the table with us all many years ago and made a surprise visit this year for some of it. As we all began to gather early this year because the CON opened its doors a day early. Here are a couple of shots from Thursday evening as the setup began and before we began a heated game of MUNCHKIN!!!!!!

More pics and info to follow later. With pics of our MVP and our MVGM!!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Uh..........ok, so its been awhile since I posted anything. Well here we go! I have the pics for the MVP and the MVGM!

So feast your eyes on the great wall hangings donated this year for prizes! Now I think you all want a little action don't you, maybe next year we may have a few more people stepping up to run some games! These great pieces will be on display for the whole weekend just waiting for the winners to be announced on Sunday. HQ is beyond excited for this years awesome con, with a few more new to the convention and a lot of the old faces that we can't wait to see! Don't forget that if you can get the chance that you can head to the convention hall a whole day early and beat the rush! See you all soon. Don't forget your dice!