Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Great news!!! A new feature will be started this year at LarryCon 6! Starting this year players and game masters will have the chance to take center stage. This year we are going to start awarding prizes for the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and for the Most Valuable Game Master (MVGM)! Ballots will be handed out at each table at each game for both the players to vote on other players and the GM and for the GM to also vote on his choice for player. This will be a rating from 1-5. With some of the new staff hired this year votes shall be tallied and the winners will be announced on Sunday at closing ceremonies! Prizes will be displayed over the course of the whole con to drive up incentive. Stay in touch for more info as it comes available.


  1. Sweeeeeeeeet! I know for a fact that John has excepted bribes and is a communist! VOTE GARY!!!