Thursday, July 24, 2014

HOLY COW!!!!!! What a GREAT time at LCON 7!!!!! This is your wrap up information. All the games this year were a TON of fun!!!! And even as a nod to GM John Stephens, HQ just picked up the FATE Core system this very day. And not only that, we already have plans to run said system for a fan favorite genre - The Old West! So be ready to break out the six shooters next year boys because the lead is going to fly!

As always though we here at HQ have discovered that yet again the sign up system for games needs some revision and we shall spend time looking at all suggestions and working on a new system for next year. That being said, we need more GM's, this year was almost a panic as two of our GM's almost had to bow at and one did have to for family medical reasons. We must have more games available without anyone having to run to many and not have a chance to play. Because of that HQ is calling out all GM's right now that haven't ran at LCON. I'm talking about Mr. Gregg McBride and since the return of Mr. Dave LaHay him as well. I know for a fact that both of these gentlemen are capable of running a very fine game and as such I expect to see their names on the roster for next year. Thank you to all that ran this year and send out your well wishes to Mr. Hambricks' wife Robynn for a speedy recovery. Mr. John Stephens, Mr. Scott Eaves and Mr. Nathan Hinkle all did a fantastic job of running multiple games this year as always and all three are excellent GM's and LCON loves having them on the roster of GM's every year. Thanks to Mr. Trey Korber for taking his first leap into running at LCON. And as always a large gathering of players and spectators were on hand for Mr. Jerry Johnson's epic Pendragon. A special thanks goes out to GM Gary LaBrot for grace under pressure, after the cancellation of Will Spencer from the GM roster this year, Mr. LaBrot grabbed the reigns and still came through with two fantastic CoC games, kudos to him!

Now to some exciting news! The MVP for LCON 7.............was our very own staff GM Larry Fedorchalk, but as a side ruling seeing as how staff all ready have a free ride for sign ups the MVP goes to our runner up...............MARK!!!!!!! Mr. LaBrot once again brings along a sleeper person that sweeps in and takes a prize. Congratulations go out to Mark!

And now for the MVGM! A break down of the GM ratings are as follows:

Jerry Johnson              4.75
Nathan Hinkle             4.71
John Stephens             4.53
Gary LaBrot                4.44
Larry Fedorchalk        4.40
Scott Eaves                 4.27
Trey Korber                3.60

So Congratulations to Mr. Johnson just barely squeaking out a victory on the point board!!!!!!
Prizes will be awarded to both our MVP and our MVGM at registration for LCON 8!

Now just a little glimpse of what next year has in store, it would appear that the Thistledown Game Group of old is putting pressure on staff to run a reunion game of 2nd edition D&D in Forgotten Realms. Staff only had this to say on the subject, "Lives will hang in the balance as the group faces off against ghosts from their past, with the title of "When Ghosts Come Calling" As a second peak staff will be running the Star Hero that didn't make it in this year, title "Spiders.......Why Did It Have To Be Giant Irradiated Spiders!" Also as mentioned above a western will again see the light of day but at this time no title is available.

On a closing note if anyone has pictures from this year please email them to HQ and we will post them as they come in and at the rate that information is already coming in for LCON 8 you may not want to put the dice away! (Twitch and a drool) inside joke for those in the know! LOL

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